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This is a simple yet effective program you can tailor to your own intentions and calling/purpose in life. You will be provided with a few simple but rich tools and a community-based support system that will enable and empower you to redesign your life’s architecture according to your highest intentions or calling in life.

I want you to wake up everyday into a life that supports your highest vision! I want you to be in a perpetually supported flow-state.

With a strong desire and some commitment on your part, you can create this for yourself using the tools that I will provide.

Here’s to your new life!

Much love,

Bentinho Massaro

Here is what you need to know


  • Join the 40-Day Redesign Facebook Group here to deepen your support structure and learn from other people’s tips and challenges:
  • Start thinking/meditation/contemplating: Get clear on what your core intention is. What do you wish to realize more of in your life? Also begin to see which elements of your life currently don’t support your calling or core intention.
  • Watch the Live Stream Session:

Bonus Videos


Here are the links to the 3 bonus videos to help you find your calling and transform limiting beliefs:


1. Session 9 – 6 Day Netherlands Retreat

2. Session 10 – 6 Day Netherlands Retreat

Most relevant piece starts at 1:37:30

Bentinho Workshop on Overcoming Limiting Beliefs + Q&A

In case you missed it, you can download your two template documents by clicking on the link.

Finally: Instead of sharing the link to the live stream with others directly, we ask that you simply refer people to this website: 

Thank you!

Much love,


PS – We encourage all participants of the 40-Day Redesign to try out a month at and explore all the free content there to deepen one’s capacity to Super Accelerate their life, as well as deepen their peace, bliss and stability in Being.

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